Leadership Lawrence County

January 25, 2018
by Staff Reports

From T. R. Williams:

This may come as a shock to some of you, but I don’t know everything. I came to this understanding slowly, mind you – in my teens and 20s I didn’t realize it at all. Now, I learn something new almost every day, and some days more than others.

I like the idea of being a “lifelong learner,” taking advantage of every chance to develop and improve myself. Over the last few weeks I’ve been treated to several of those opportunities, thanks to Leadership Lawrence County.

I supported Leadership Lawrence County as a board member for the Chamber of Commerce, which sponsors the program. As County Executive, I serve as host for one of its sessions and talk to participants about the work that goes on in my office. Today I am a proud member of Leadership’s 27th class.

Close to 375 Lawrence Countians, representing every sector of this community, have completed the program. Participants attend eight day-long sessions which focus on different aspects of the community – government, social services, safety, economic development, education, history, and agriculture, to name a few – and leadership development training.  One session is a field trip to Capitol Hill for a visit with our legislators.

One obvious goal is to educate participants about our community; another is to equip and inspire new leaders. I’ve testified that even people who’ve been around a long time can learn more.  Lawrenceburg Mayor Keith Durham has said many times that he was inspired to seek public office by his Leadership Lawrence County experience.

I am also inspired by those who are learning along with me.  Our group is filled with young, strong leaders who make me feel great about the future of this community. A separate group of high school students completes their own Leadership program every year, which is even more encouraging.

Each Leadership class chooses a community project to complete at the end of their term. Beth Keaton, who organizes the program for the Chamber, said recent projects include fundraisers for Abigail’s Plan and promotion activities for Loretto’s new Frisbee golf course. I’m excited to help choose the class of 2017-18’s goal.

If you’ve completed Leadership Lawrence County, make plans to attend the annual Alumni Dinner & Graduation set for March 15 at David Crockett State Park Restaurant. It’s a great opportunity to connect with people who share your vision of making Lawrence County the best it can be. Reservations for $25 each can be made through the Leadership Alumni Dinner Facebook page, or by calling Beth at 762-4911.

I also encourage you to enroll in Leadership Lawrence County’s next class, which begins in the fall. If you’re an employer, help yourself and our community by sending someone whose leadership abilities you’d like to develop. There is room for everyone who wants to learn and make a positive difference in this community.

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