Killen Town Council Meeting Comes to a Boil

March 21, 2017
by Staff Reports

Ryan Blessing

Ryan Blessing is a town council member in the small Lauderdale County town of Killen. He posted this on his Facebook page Monday morning:

Ethics Violation committed by a fellow Councilwoman of Killen will be discussed tonight at the meeting at 5 pm. Multiple news outlets will be present and reporting. I will try to get live stream working much earlier before the meeting.

Current council members are:

  • Ryan Blessing

  • Mary Anne Rippey

  • Connie Parrish

  • Charles Glover

  • Johnny McGee

Trader attended the council meeting yesterday afternoon; this is his report…

Update: Now! this should make you scratch your head. The meeting took place last night and here is how the story goes… One of the Council Members, Connie Parrish’s mother took it upon herself to help the city by filling in for the director of the Killen Senior Citizens Center.  Ryan Blessing claims Parrish asked the council to give her mother a raise, which is in violation of the state’s ethics code. Blessing said  something to Mayor Tim Tubbs about the issue and the mayor said it would be OK as long as Parrish didn’t vote on the issue.

So, being the person that he is, he contacts the State of Alabama Ethic Division and inquires into the matter. The State of Alabama responded with this answer  “a public official (which a council member is) may not use their official position in any matter that provides a personal gain to themselves, a member of their family (which a parent is) or a business with which they are associated. “In addition, they may not vote, attempt to influence, or in any manner participate in an issue that affects themselves or their family member. Abstaining from voting is not sufficient.”According to the ethics commission, a violation of this is a Class B felony.

When the issue was brought up last night,  Councilman Charles Glover asked Blessing if in fact, he didn’t vote with the rest of the council for the raise. His answer was, “Yes, she was getting very little pay and I thought she should get more,”  Blessing said it was the manner of how the raise came up that he questions and is concerned with.

Mayor Tubbs said he contacted the ethic’s commission’s legal department and it was suggested the council might need some ethics training. “I don’t think it’s training we need,” Blessing said.

Mayor Tubbs said he can ask for an opinion by the Ethics Commission if the council wanted.  Blessing said he has already done that and gotten an answer.

Tubbs then asked town attorney Dan Boone to speak to the council on the issue. Boone being a typical attorney wandered over to the left then to the  right on the subject, with a final answer being  the ethics code section is open to different interpretation (meaning, this is all bullsh*t, can we move on to something more important?). Then added for effect, “But if you feel it is a breech of the ethics law, you have a right to file a complaint,” he said to Blessing.

Blessing said he plans on following through with filing the complaint even about himself. As it appears he also voted “Yes” when the issue of the raise came up.

So! lets get this straight…an elderly lady agreed to help the city while the director of the senior center was sick, who just happened to be the mother of a sitting member of the City Council. Blessing who voted for the raise, has gone to the State of Alabama Ethics Commission to complain about himself voting for something which he thought was probably illegal to do.

Now! I have a question? Is this guy for real? Apparently he is bored sh*tless with his life and needs to stir up drama and excitement around Killen.

How many of you think he will be re-elected…?


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