Justin Ross Bevis has been identified as the victim of tonight’s shooting in Lauderdale County. Bevis is reportedly the boyfriend of a woman embroiled in an ongoing custody suit and was allegedly attempting to kidnap her two children. The situation began at a residence and then moved to a business on Highway 20 where Bevis was shot in the elbow. PNS will update this story when more detail is available.

Edited for clarity: Bevis’ kidnap attempt was to assist his girlfriend. He is not the father of the children involved.


From December 2014: When last we left Justin Ross Bevis, it was assumed he would be going away for a long time: Link

However, it seems Bevis was arrested in Lauderdale County on September 30th for a probation violation. We’re sure this saga will be continued at a later date.

UPDATE: On December 3, Bevis was taken into Federal custody. No further details are available.

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