Jacqueline Segars Behrens

July 28, 2015
by Firenze Veritas


ookimIn the new book, FROM THE OUTHOUSE TO THE WORLD: A Global Tour of the Mind and Soul, ($18.99, paperback, 9781498423007; $9.99, e-book, 9781498423014) Jacqueline Segars Behrens shares her life testimony from humble beginnings to a lifelong adventure of reaching for once impossible dreams. With strong faith in God, she took the road less traveled to climb every mountain and to overcome all crises. Her dream now is to pique the readers’ interests in evaluating their lives and seeking God to aid them to reach for their dreams.

“I see so many young people and adults wondering the streets with no focus for life, bored, no desire or know-how to plan for a career,” states the author. “I learned that God had better plans for me than I had. As I grew in faith and developed a closer relationship to God, my low self-esteem disappeared. I gained confidence in my abilities and achieved more than I ever thought I was capable of.”

Jacqueline Segars Behrens has degrees from Florence State College, now the University of North Alabama; Texas Christian University, and has studied cross-cultural communication at the University of Texas at Austin. She has taught elementary, secondary, and college students; counseled with international students from over 120 countries; and has lived/worked in and visited about eighty different countries. She was an international student counselor at the University of Houston, and director of the international office at Texas Tech University for twenty-seven years. She is currently a national certified trainer and educational consultant for Time to Teach strategies for the Center for Teacher Effectiveness.

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