Russia has reportedly already successfully launched the Zircon hypersonic missile which is capable of travelling up to six times the speed of sound, making it 'unstoppable'

Russia has launched five successful flights of a hypersonic jet that is capable of destroying an aircraft carrier with a single impact, according to a new report.

The Zircon cruise missile travels between 3,800mph and 4,600mph – five to six times the speed of sound – and puts Russia ‘half a decade’ ahead of the US’, the report says.

This makes it faster than any anti-missile system, including those that are expected to appear in the next two decades. The Warhead can be loaded with any type of munition from standard to nuclear.

‘It is expected to be added into Russia’s arsenal between 2018 and 2020’, he told state media outlet Sputnik.

‘A speed of Mach 6 is more than enough of a guarantee to overcome any anti-missile system’, he said.

Experts warn the ‘unstoppable’ projectiles could spell disaster for the Navy’s £6.2 billion ($7.9 billion) aircraft carriers, the HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales.

The US spends almost $600 billion (£469 billion) a year on its defence budget and boasts the most powerful military in the world.

However, its 19 aircraft carriers would be powerless to stop Zircon cruise missile missiles, according to the report.


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