Is Your Dog Holding Your Marriage Together?

January 28, 2018
by Staff Reports

Press Release:

A YouGov survey commissioned by pet insurance expert Aquarium Software, together with other research, suggests pets play a crucially important role in family life. The research reveals the bond between pets and people, with 57 percent saying their pet instinctively knows what mood they are in and a quarter (26%) admitting they have more in common with their pets than friends and family. The findings mirror a 2017 More Th>n study*, which found couples prepared to stay in relationships that had gone to the dogs, rather than see their poor pets come from a broken home.

“All the evidence suggests pets are the emotional glue holding our relationships together,” said Aquarium Software Director, Mark Colonnese. “69 percent of us say a pet is just as important to the family unit as the human members and 11 percent in the More Th>n survey would fight harder for pet custody than possessions. If you want your relationship to last, a bulldog rather than a baby may be one solution. You might not be happy, but you just might stay together longer!”

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