Is Weeden Home Finally to Become a B&B?

April 10, 2018
by Staff Reports

Gov. Robt Patton House, Sweetwater Ave & Florence Blvd, Alabama

The 150 year old Weeden Home, aka Sweetwater homeplace, has been totally abandoned for approximately 10 years. Before that, no maintenance had been done for at least 20 more. Five years ago, rumors swirled that the eight room brick manor house would become a bed and breakfast type establishment; however, nothing ever materialized to support the rumors, and the home owned by Atlanta resident Susan Smithson continued to sit in ruins.

That seems to have changed in the days following the March 27th death of Edith Cavell Smithson, the owner’s mother. There have been reports that contractors have recently been seen at the home, and a highly informed source has stated the long awaited enterprise may now finally come to fruition.

If our sources are correct, the project will be welcomed by local historians who have long lamented the condition of what was once a stately Florence landmark. PNS will publish more details when available.

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