Go the site SQUARE ONE healing cancer Coaching Program. Their are 10 Modules there that are free to watch until Sunday Night at Midnight. The Modules are written by a 13 year Cancer Survivor who the medical profession told him there was no hope. He proved them wrong. These 10 modules have the following subject matter:

  • First Things First
  • Why you have cancer and how to eliminate the causes\
  • The Anti-Cancer Diet Part 1
  • The Anti-Cancer Diet Part 2
  • How To Detoxify Your Body and Your Environment
  • How To Eliminate Stress And Heal Your Heart
  • Spiritual Healing
  • How Exercise and Rest Activate Healing
  • Cancer Healing Herbs, Teas and Supplements
  • How To Test and Monitor Your Progress
  • Q&A
  • Prevention Q&A

There are so many different ways in defeating cancer other than cut, burn and poison.

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