If It Isn’t Muskrats, It’s Armadillos

July 11, 2017
by Staff Reports

A resident of Loretto was recently scammed to the tune of 4K in order to “get her relative out of jail on a DUI charge.” The Loretto police department issued a statement on the scam and elaborated on other cons that had recently been attempted. The last paragraph of their press release is well worth reading:

Finally, there isn’t really much we as a police department can do to stop this other than educate you. Most of these scammers reside in other countries with this particular one using a Canadian phone number. So we have no legal way of prosecuting even if we could find them. Our request for an armed predator drone was denied in this years budget. We feel as though it would have come in handy for situations like these and thinning the armadillo population in the city parks.

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