Homajean Grisham III on Probation in Costa Mesa, CA

July 1, 2013
by Firenze Veritas


Homajean Grisham III may have been living a small town life at his family farm in Cherokee, but he had recently been residing as far from that Colbert County town as possible. It was only a matter of months ago that Grisham was living in Costa Mesa, California, where he ran afoul of the law for a crime of violence. On probation, Grisham returned to north Alabama where his parents and two children live.

Sources say it was Grisham’s father, Homajean Jr. aka Butch, who reported the murder of Jessica Bevis Broadfoot to authorities. When found, Grisham was reportedly covered in his girlfriend’s blood, as was the interior of his truck. Officers reported finding a bloody knife in his vehicle, as well as a second knife covered in blood lying by the victim’s body. It’s believed that Grisham’s record of violence is such that prosecutors can obtain a sentence of Life Without Parole even if Grisham is charged with only Felony Murder.

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