Hey, FloTown, Make Recycling a Resolution!

December 30, 2017
by Staff Reports

Most of us at least think about New Year’s resolutions. Some make a mental list, while others actually transcribe their thoughts, even sticking them on the fridge. How about you? Making any lifestyle changes this year?

If you live in Florence, you’ve been provided with a blue wheelie bin in which to place used paper, aluminum, cardboard, and plastic. Do you use it?

A small, or even not so small, basket by the back door is perfect to stash these items until you take out the trash. Simply pick up the recycling basket in your other hand and make one trip. Pretty easy peasy, huh?

Remember, you not only save the environment, you help the city and all the employees at the recycling center. Not too many things in life are a win-win, but this is one of them!

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