Guys…Gals…”This is going to Rock Yo World”

November 6, 2017
by Trader Connections

The best couple pictures are the ones that look like the guy is being harassed, right? Anna/Kristoff
I am going to give you a recipe to try with the Lagrange Mountain Moonshine that has just been released to the private Liquor stores. We call it “Love On The Beach” goes better with Lagrange Mountain Moonshine…
Ladies you are going to love this Cocktail …Guys…you are going to want burn our phone up thanking us for such a Cocktail mix and how it affects your mate… but you don’t need too…we already know…

Here we go:
2 oz of Lagrange Mtn Moonshine
2 oz of Orange Juice
1 oz of Pineapple Juice
1 oz of Cranberry Juice
1 oz of Chambord (Black Raspberry Liquor)
Serve over ice and mix…

If you listen hard enough you will hear the ocean waves slapping over the smooth beach sand…

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