Rumors have been swirling around the Florence Waffle House for the past week. Calls to the eatery produced only a recorded message that no one was available and to visit the national chain’s website.  It seems a broken dishwasher was the most savory component in the mix, and now the official score of 77 is public, along with violations:

  • Chemicals stored with food items

  • Accurate product thermometer not available in restaurant

  • Dishwasher not sanitizing at proper temperature

An informed source tells us personnel were laboring on by washing dishes by hand. As for the product thermometer, there may be an interesting story there, but perhaps the most mystifying is storage of chemicals with food. All restaurants stock harsh cleaners for floors, walls, etc. It’s standard procedure to keep these and any cleaning products well separated from food items, even those still in packaging.

Such infractions boil down to poor training at best. Waffle House is known for producing some great food 24 hours a day. Let’s hope they get these infractions cleared up pronto. Their previous rating? 85!



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