Florence Kidnapper Jailed in Colbert County

April 17, 2017
by Staff Reports

An alleged drug trafficker with an extremely shady past was arrested in Colbert County over the weekend and charged with Failure to Appear in court on charges of drug trafficking as well as non-payment of child support. Authorities say Darius Marquise Freeman was taken into custody late Friday and remains in the Colbert County Jail without bail as of Monday morning.

Freeman was first arrested for drug trafficking in Lawrence County four years ago. The next year he made headlines in Florence  when he was accused of kidnapping a Carver Heights resident and forcing him to drive to Nashville at gunpoint. Two years ago, the 25 year old Leighton man was on the area’s most wanted list due to similar drug charges. Last year, Freeman made local headlines again when he hid in a trash can in Muscle Shoals to avoid arrest on a grand jury indictment for drug trafficking.

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