Kilpatrick surrendered peacefully shortly before 7:30 p.m. All officers remain safe.

Update: According to Lauderdale Sheriff Rick Singleton, Kilpatrick is believed to be hold up inside a commercial building at 7653 Cloverdale Road. The facility currently houses an auction, Trash & Treasures, owned by Kathy McGee. The building itself is owned by Joni Carolyn Woods. Singleton has given no further updates.

Lauderdale County Sheriff’s office, Florence Police, ALEA, and various other local law enforcement personnel are staked out at a home on Lauderdale 157, better known as Cloverdale Road. Directing traffic is Underwood Volunteer Department. It’s strongly advised to avoid the area. The segment between County Roads 6 and 9 is closed.

Reports of sightings of Christopher Wayne Kilpatrick, 43, first surfaced around noon today at the residence currently surrounded. A stolen truck has been spotted in the driveway to the 157 home. Authorities are not saying if they believe Kilpatrick could have hostages. The escaped inmate has family and allegedly an ex-wife who live in Lauderdale County.

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