Last December, Elton Lee Strickland and his wife had a fight–not just a small fight, but one that landed Elton in both jail and divorce court. It seems Elton was also caught during the arrest with some drugs for which he didn’t have a prescription, so things weren’t going so well for him.

Fast forward to the end of April this year and the 39 year old Franklin County man had been handed his walking papers by his abused wife. Elton must have liked marriage a great deal because he married wife number two just 13 days later. It was said to have been a lovely church service in Phil Campbell. Of course, his divorce wasn’t final until 47 days after that, so that legally made Elton a bigamist. Bigamy is a felony in Alabama, so you would be right to assume the Russellville man is in a lot of trouble.

A grand jury indicted Elton in May, and his trial is scheduled for this fall. If convicted, Elton, who is currently out on bail, will be sentenced to between one and 10 years in prison. The flip side of the coin is that now Elton may be able to sell the rights to his story for a TV movie of the week.


It’s been reported that attorneys for Elton Strickland will argue their client was guilty of only contempt of court, rather than bigamy. Strickland will further maintain that he did not understand what the sixty day waiting period represented. Okay, good luck with that…


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