The home of the proposed roundabout in East Florence isn’t “oddly aligned” as a local news writer has claimed. The Huntsville Road/South Royal Avenue intersection is basically a “T-Zone” which is usually best handled with a traffic light. In fact, when the new hospital is opened, it will probably become quickly obvious that a roundabout isn’t going to cut it for that well traveled intersection.

Yet that isn’t the immediate problem. Many structures have a life expectancy in our current throw-away world of about 30 years. That’s approximately the age of the current intersection configuration. When the intersection was redone in the 1980s I had a friend who, along with his partner, owned a dress shop on Huntsville Road. It had been very successful until the construction shut down traffic for months. My friend had to close his shop permanently, and he was not the only business owner to do so.

The question now is not will any businesses be forced to close, but how many will permanently shutter their shops? So why not a traffic light with a right turn arrow for Huntsville Road and the south side of South Royal? Perhaps it’s time for East Florence business owners to ask that question.

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