DreamVision Ft. Worth

February 9, 2015
by Firenze Veritas

At a press conference in Ft. Worth, Texas, earlier today Rick Silanskas made public his plans for a theme park in the Lone Star state. You may view a company video on the project here:

DreamScape Presentation

Silanskas has announced that the Ft. Worth park, comprising 5K acres, will be built simultaneously with the Muscle Shoals park, an endeavor planned to encompass 1.4K acres in Colbert County. Both parks will have a cost run in the billions of dollars. Silanskas and his company are obviously looking for investors. Does he have a good track record?

From the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram:

In 2009, Bank of America sued DreamVision Studios and Silanskas in Lake County, Fla., for defaulting on a promissory note for $99,224. The bank received a judgment for $109,221, which includes interest and fees. But by April 2014, DreamVision and Silanskas clearly had not paid the judgment and the bank filed notice of the judgment in Tarrant County.

In two days, DreamVision CEO Rick Silanskas will publicly announce his company plans for Muscle Shoals at an invitation only news conference to be held at the Marriott in Florence. Let’s hope those invited will ask the probing questions that most of us in the Shoals have.

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