Billy Dawson is a quiet, small framed man with a smile and laugh that makes you feel welcome at his Distillery. As you watch him and his assistant Distiller, Keith Michael, go about the process of making Moonshine, you find yourself watching two men who have done this many times during their lifetime.

Many of you who are reading this have read the stories about how Moonshine is made and even have watched it on the TV Show Moonshiners. It was not until now that the People of North Alabama have had the opportunity to watch and smell the process first hand.  Billy and Keith have taken the “ART OF DISTILLING MOONSHINE” to a level that has not been reached by the other Distilleries which mass produce their shine. Each step of producing their Moonshine is like watching “History Come Alive” before your very eyes.

If you are lucky enough to visit when they are distilling, you get to experience a smell that will stay with you the rest of your life. The lite warm corn smell hangs in the air like a soft mist and brings the reality of how this Craft has been done for centuries.

During the tour, you get to learn why Billy has chosen to use heirloom corn instead of hybrid, why certain yeast strains are used to give a different taste, how he knows when the mash is ready to cook, how he  determines just the right proof for his Moonshine, and how he perfected his shine to have a smoothness and a rich distinct body that other moonshines do not.

Billy Dawson’s goal is to change the attitude of those who have tasted Moonshine in the past, and have the opinion that all Moonshines taste harsh and have a strong rubbing alcohol smell. He believes he has obtained that goal.

His new goal is now to get his Moonshine on the shelf so you can experience a one of a kind Moonshine, that goes well with any Vodka, Rum or Tequila Cocktails.

When you get the chance, pick up a bottle and see for yourself that this is truly a “Moonshine With An Attitude.”



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