David Wilson Coffman Jr. Out on Bail

March 6, 2018
by Staff Reports

Update: David Coffman has posted bail of 203K and is now free on bond. Lauderdale County is in the process of taking ownership of the 300 head of cattle, some said to be near death.

David Wilson Coffman Jr. has been arrested for the third time on charges of animal cruelty. All arrests have involved cattle under the 52 year old Coffman’s care. The cattleman has two previous arrests in Limestone County, the last being in 2014 when approximately 50 cattle were involved. At that time, the state veterinarian stated it was the worst case of neglect he had seen.

While Coffman’s second arrest for abuse of cattle near the Salem community involved only 50 animals, his current arrest across the county line in Lauderdale involves as many as 300. Neither of his previous arrests involved the confiscation of livestock; however, Coffman’s latest charge resulted in Lauderdale County Animal Control Officer Dwayne Oliver and Lauderdale County deputies removing all cattle from Coffman’s care. If convicted, he will never be allowed to own cattle again because his little sorry ass will be hopefully making car tags at the big house.

Animal Control Officer Dwayne Oliver started working on this case at the first of the week. Cases like this can be complex, so at all phases of the investigation you are in constant contact with either the DA’s Office or the County Attorney. Once the case is solid and everything is in place  you move. Dwayne Oliver did a good job on this case and saved many cattle which if left in the hands of this David Coffman, would most certainly have died.

(Trader contributed to this report.)

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