Clarification on Crime Stories

October 8, 2017
by Staff Reports

First, regular readers may have noticed that we’ve begun to carry Law&Order updates from Tishomingo County, Mississippi. We encourage readers there to contact us if they have information on local stories.

That brings us to a misconception a few in Marion County have entertained. We publish reports from only police, sheriff’s departments, or district attorneys’ offices. We happily look into information you may send us; however, we do not publish anything that has not been verified.

Finally, last week a family member of a woman accused of Murder insisted we publish her rebuttal to the district attorney’s charges. While we are happy to do so, we strongly encourage consulting with a defense attorney before requesting these statements be published. We have never yet found that any attorney wants a statement of details made public before a trial.

Our new format is fast approaching; keep us bookmarked!

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