Chance Boddie Thompson: Already a Three Time Loser

January 9, 2018
by Staff Reports

Chance Boddie Thompson of Florence has been arrested in the shooting death of Chad Edwin Gardner Jr. The 35 year old Thompson is reportedly the boyfriend of Gardner’s former domestic partner with whom the deceased had four children. Reports indicate Colbert District Attorney Bryce Graham is charging Thompson with the lesser crime of manslaughter since Gardner himself was armed.

Thompson, who resides on Florida Avenue in North Florence, has been incarcerated in the state prison system three times in the past. PNS was unable to find records of Thompson’s first prison sentence, but he was incarcerated on drug charges from 2008 until paroled in 2011. In 2014, Thompson was again sentenced on drug charges and spent three years at Draper Correctional Facility before leaving on March 16, 2017. As a convicted felon, Chance Thompson was barred from possessing a handgun. According to social media, he is a graduate of Central High School and currently unemployed.

Per utility records, the 26 year old Chad Gardner had at one time lived at 905 East 17th Street; he had returned to Haleyville at some point and also lived in Phil Campbell since his move from Sheffield. He was employed as an auto mechanic.

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