Calhoun Announces Plans For Future Of Athletics

November 22, 2017
by Staff Reports

From Calhoun:

Calhoun Community College President Dr. James Klauber, Sr. has announced that as a result of a meeting held recently with several members of the North Alabama Legislative delegation a plan is being developed for the possibility of athletics remaining at Calhoun beyond the end of the 2018 spring semester.

“The generosity of members of our local legislation delegation through grant funding is allowing the College to hire a staff person who will work directly with our coaches in the development of a fundraising plan to directly benefit our athletic programs,” Klauber stated. Plans for the fundraising campaign and goal will be announced at a later date.

“I felt that our meeting and subsequent conversations have been very productive and have provided the opportunity for the College, our legislators, and our local community to collaborate in raising public and private funding to support the continuation of athletics at Calhoun,” Klauber added.

“All involved throughout this process have been in agreement that in order for the College to continue athletics, it will be imperative that we secure significant public and private financial support for the programs,” said Klauber.

“For this fundraising process to be successful, we will not only need the support of our local communities, but will also look for active involvement from our coaches and student athletes, a situation that has proven extremely successful with our Bass Fishing team, a club sport which receives its backing from the fundraising efforts of team members and their coach,” continued Klauber.

“We look forward to working with our local legislators, our athletic supporters and others throughout the College’s service area as we develop a realistic plan for private and public funding to support the future of baseball and softball at Calhoun Community College,” Klauber said.

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