But She Refused to Press Charges?

April 10, 2018
by Staff Reports

You often hear that domestic violence calls are the least favorite of law enforcement. An incident yesterday in Limestone County is certainly illustrative of why.

A woman called 911 to report being attacked by a male, presumably her boyfriend. When county deputies arrived they found a very drunk Vincent Arteaga who immediately became belligerent. Once officers managed to subdue the suspect and place him in the back of their squad car, Arteaga kicked out a side window.

Even after officers used pepper spray, Arteaga proved difficult to subdue, injuring at least one of the deputies in his resistance. Authorities called paramedics who administered aid to both the officer and Arteaga.

Arteaga’s victim? She refused to press charges. In this case, that may prove a minor matter since Vincent Arteaga, 39, was arrested on other charges of second-degree assault, destruction of property by a prisoner, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and possession of drug paraphernalia. He currently remains in the Limestone County Jail in lieu of 9K bail.

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