From Mo Brooks:

Washington, DC – Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) has appeared on CNN to discuss the likelihood of health care legislation moving through the Senate ahead of the August district work period.  Brooks expressed support for President Trump’s tweet, “I cannot imagine that Congress would dare to leave Washington without a beautiful new HealthCare bill fully approved and ready to go!”  Brooks added that the House has done its job and the Senate should stay in Washington until they pass health care legislation.

Congressman Mo Brooks said, “It’s possible that the Senate will do its job, do something on health care, and send it to the House of Representatives, where we would either reject it and move to a conference committee or accept it, but the indications are right now that the Senate is mightily struggling to come up with a plan to properly deal with the health care issue that is in front of us.

“We’ll see whether Mitch McConnell and the Senate can do its  job.  So far they have not been able to, and they’ve had seven months.  They were sworn in in early January, just as we were in the House, and six months later we still don’t have that legislation.  I’m puzzled about the impasse and why they weren’t working for the two or three or four months, for example, when we were working in the House, and finally got a bill out.  They could have been doing the same thing in the Senate at the very same time.”

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