Breakthrough in Jessica Hamby Case

March 16, 2018
by Staff Reports

A source close to the family of Jessica Hamby has informed PNS that the case of the Winston County woman’s disappearance is close to resolution. Authorities say warrants have been served in the case and family members have been notified that an announcement will be made within a few hours.

Update: Today marks 63 days that Jessica Hamby has been missing. Her mother states that someone has been posting on Jessica’s Facebook page, but they believe the account has been hacked. If you have any information concerning Ms. Hamby’s whereabouts, please call 205-489-8765 or your local law enforcement.

From February: Update: As of noon Saturday, Jessica Hamby was still missing, according to her family. A woman found shot in Orlando who sported similar tattoos has been identified and reunited with her family.

From Jessica’s family: 

This Momma is missing! Someone who knows something should speak up! If you think you might get into trouble or whatever the case for coming forward call private and report, you can call anonymous and report anything. You Don’t have to give your name. Just speak Up!!! She needs to be found and brought home. Jess I pray you come home safe and unharmed. We all love you and no matter what we always will. People sometimes go down the wrong road but it doesn’t make them any less of a person. Its something we all do,we all mess up sometimes, but that’s why we forgive. She has family that wants and needs her home. Her Momma is worried sick and needs to know where her baby is. Jess has babies that need their Momma. Please bring help bring Jessica home.. SOMEONE WHO KNOWS SOMETHING NEEDS TO DO THE RIGHT THING AND CALL!!!

Call the sheriff’s department in Double Springs at 205-489-8765.


A Haleyville family’s cries for help to find their missing loved one continue to grow louder as police investigate her disappearance.

Jessica Lee Ann Hamby has been missing for more than three weeks. She was last seen on January 2, 2018 leaving the Haleyville detox center, according to her mother.

Her family is concerned about her safety and well-being. Hamby, a mother of three, is 24 years old. She is 5’2, 125 lbs. with multiple tattoos on her arms and hands.

She was reported missing to the Haleyville Police Department. Calls to the department have been placed.

Her loved ones are desperate to locate her and relatives have been sharing her pictures on social media to get the word out about the case.

“Today is day 23 and we still have no clue where our baby girl is. Yes she is still missing and we are scared she’s been hurt. She’s never been without contact with family for more than 2/3 days .if you have any information on here whereabouts or anything else please contact me or your local law enforcement. JESS we love you and miss you baby Your babies miss you terribly. Come home to us baby. Come home.”

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