Body of Wanda Ivey Wallace Found in Jackson County

June 20, 2016
by Firenze Veritas


Jackson County authorities have reported finding the body of Wanda S. Ivey Wallace. Wallace, 47, of East Florence, is believed to have been shot dead at a home south of Tuscumbia on Father’s Day. Her body was then transported to the remote Jackson County location near Paint Rock River in the suspect’s truck.

Sources say Timothy Wade Warhurst of Blue Road in Colbert County was taken into custody late Sunday night after witnesses reported the 55 year old man digging a grave in the remote Jackson County area. Warhurst has since been transferred to the Colbert County Jail where he is being questioned. Authorities expect to make formal charges on Tuesday morning.

Warhurst was previously charged with domestic violence against Wallace in April 2015; however, charges were later dropped after the alleged killer completed court ordered programs. Family members told PNS that Wallace’s husband Tom had passed away in June 2014 and that she had been dating Warhurst for approximately 18 months. Sources say Warhurst is accused of shooting Wallace twice in the head with a 9 mm handgun.

Wanda Wallace is survived by her two sons, mother Lisa Earline Ivy, sister Linda Ivy, nephew Sheffield police officer Ray Terry, and numerous other siblings and half-siblings. Wallace’s brother Jerry Lewis Ivy was murdered in East Florence in July 2012.

Editor’s note: The deceased spelled her maiden name “Ivey,” while her family members used the spelling “Ivy.”

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