Blake Austin Hines Charged with Escape

January 28, 2017
by Firenze Veritas


Update: Hines has been charged in Lauderdale County with two counts of First Degree Escape from the Lauderdale Community Corrections. The 21 year old Florence man remains in the Lauderdale County Detention Center as of Saturday afternoon.

Update from December 2016: Blake Austin Hines, now 21, Is currently serving a three year sentnece for First Degree Burglary in Lauderdale Community Corrections. He will end his sentence on September 17, 2017.

From May 2015:

In March 2013, Blake Austin Hines broke into the home of a Florence woman in her ninth decade of life. Armed with a gun, he stuck the woman and demanded money and any prescription drugs that she had in her home. Hines and his two companions wore masks, but Hines was later identified by his expensive Mustang used in the robbery.

He had been out of juvenile lock-up only a few months at the time of this crime. His two companions have never been captured. The then 18 year-old Hines asked for, but was not granted juvenile status in that crime.

In November 2014, Hines was again arrested in Florence on charges of possession and use of drug paraphernalia. The next month he was picked up in Florence on a violation of his bond. Last week he was again picked up on an unknown violation and held for a judicial hearing.

If anyone has any information on the 2013 home invasion in which Hines participated, please call the Florence Police or Crime Stoppers at 256-386-8685.

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