Best Hot Dogs?

December 6, 2017
by Staff Reports

Let’s ask Trader:

The National Hebrew Dog is by far one of the better beef dogs you will purchase. You will find it has a snap when you bite into it, juicy, and does not have a real salty taste as some dogs do. It is not greasy like the Nathan Dog. The Vienna Dog is good, but National Hebrew in a national contest beat Nathan’s and Vienna.

There are many ways to cook a hot dog – simmered, boiled, steamed, grilled (flat or chargrilled), deep fried, grilled with rollers, etc., but the best according to national tasting scores and the one preferred method over all was the chargrill. Folks like the slight charred taste with the crunch of the crisp outer skin.

The best hotdog bun is the Potato Bun due to its mellow, soft taste that says,”Hey! without me you are only getting half of the enjoyment.”

Potato Bun Recipe

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