The below message is from Tishomingo County Sheriff, John D. Daugherty:

“Tishomingo County Sheriff, John Daugherty, would like to remind everyone to help each other this holiday season.  If you know your neighbor or family member is going out of town, help keep an eye on their home, even if its just for a few hours.  The Tishomingo Sheriff’s Office has had several reports of homes that have been burglarized, but arrests are being made and we need your help.  We will be having extra patrols both day and night so help us by watching out for each other.  If something doesn’t look right in your community, contact us and if it’s an emergency contact 911.”

“Criminals love this time of year so be on alert.  Also, the phone scams are picking back up in our area due to the upcoming Holiday season.  One of the newest scams is asking you if “You can hear me…”.  The scammers WANT you to say “Yes”, and when you do you are opening yourself to a lot of different problems.  If you get a call like this, just hang up.  Continue to report the scammers to the Mississippi Public Service Commission, or to our district commissioner, Mr. Brandon Presley, or click on this link and file a complainant straight on their website: Online Complaint Form – MS Public Service Commission

Once again, lets help each other and let’s all have a Merry Christmas”


Merry Christmas from Sheriff John Daugherty and the entire staff of the Tishomingo Sheriff’s Office

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