quikWe’ve received several questions concerning the sale of Baggett Oil. The Lawrenceburg/Florence company was indeed sold to an Alabama company which will retain ownership of all the stores; however, each store is now leased to individual owners, many naturalized citizens. For those who have been concerned about locals losing their jobs, many employees chose to leave their positions for various reasons.

One local manager/owner who leased four of the Quikstop outlets is in negotiations to also lease the soon to be vacated Montagu’s on extreme North Pine. There’s no firm information on what he may place in the building. We wish all local businesses luck.

UPDATE: We have received a communication from Jeff Whitten concerning negotiations to purchase the building now housing Montagu’s. While the “Amal” family which moved here from Montgomery to operate four mini-marts has indicated they are looking into the building, as well as others in the North Florence area, they have not yet contacted Mr. Whitten.

We are happy to make this addendum. We also ask anyone copying any of our articles in toto to please remove it/them from their site. Free use does not include carte blanche and violations are subject to legal action.


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