Update: Test results on the destroyed Rogersville flock have yet come back, but a flock in Scottsboro has tested positive for a less pathogenic strain. Sources say the poultry farm in the eastern Lauderdale town belonged to Aviagen, a large poultry producer with U.S. offices in Huntsville, and a backyard flock in Madison County. 

At this point, poultry in Alabama are being highly regulated. Foul may not legally be shown, traded, transported, or sold. PNS will  update this article again when more information is available.

Last week, a case of the highly-pathogenic H7N9 avian flu was discovered at a Tennessee farm. It has since crossed into Alabama. Sources with the Alabama Department of Agriculture have stated a flock of birds at a commercial poultry endeavor in Rogersville tested positive for the disease even though there was a low mortality rate. The flock has now been destroyed. State veterinarians stress that the bird flu is not zoonotic (transferable among species).

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