Update: Mike Shewbart has been cleared of any wrongdoing by the Alabama Ethics Commission. The commission did not elaborate on its findings.

From November 2016: Last month, Mike Shewbart faced Charline Fancher in the Red Bay mayoral race. Fancher defeated the city’s operations manager by only 14 votes, but no one can say Shewbart didn’t campaign hard for the post; he temporarily left his position in city government to devote more time to his campaign.

In all, Shewbart took 88 days of sick leave, something the unsuccessful candidate says then mayor David Tiffin told him was acceptable under the city bylaws. Others aren’t so sure.

Water & Gas Board member Judy Bullen has filed an ethics complaint against Shewbart. The state ethics commission can choose to address the complaint or to overlook it as frivolous.

The single Shewbart is also a member of the school board. Judy Bullen is the aunt of Charlene Fancher.

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