In Franklin County, the probate judge is also the chair of the county commission. In October 2009, the probate judge was Barry Moore, who remains in that position today:

The position of county administrator was vacant, and Moore appointed Assistant Administrator Crista Massey Madden to fill it. Madden, now 48, worked for the county a total of 25 years and remained in the position of administrator two months short of eight years:

The appointment or the then 39 year old Madden caused a stir in some Franklin County circles; Madden is the daughter of Franklin County District 3 Commissioner Rayburn Massey. The 70 year old Massey, who was elected in 2004, resides in Russellville:

In August of last year, Crista Massey Madden suddenly resigned from her position in Franklin County and accepted a similar job in Chilton County were she remained until Monday. Madden had also been treasurer of the Dempsey Cemetery Fund in Franklin County.

Officials in both Franklin and Chilton Counties are remaining tight lipped about the events of late last week; however, it is known that law enforcement with the Alabama Attorney General’s office presented a subpoena to the Franklin County Commission demanding all financial records from 2009 until 2017. No records were subpoenaed from Chilton County.

A source close to the commission informed PNS that Probate Judge Barry Moore refused to discuss the matter with other commissioners when asked to do so at a called meeting, telling them they needed to add it to a future agenda. PNS will update this article when more information is available.

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