I saw this ad the other day and decided to put it up here. It may or may not be something you can use to help you. The Pen-N-Sword is not connected to this ad…just wanted to let you know there is a program out there that may help you and your family…good luck

What is Social Security Disability?

Social Security Disability Insurance is a program run by the Social Security Administration that pays monthly benefits to you if you become disabled before you reach retirement age and aren’t able to work. Some people know it as “workers disability.”

Can I collect both Social Security Disability and VA Service connected benefits?

Yes. There is no offset between SSDI and VA benefits.  SSDI is a program paid into throughout your work history. Once you have worked long enough, you are entitled to apply and receive the benefit if you meet Social Security’s rules.  Service connected benefits have no bearing on this program.

Does my age matter? 

It does. When a Veteran turns 50, their age becomes an important factor in Social Security Disability determinations. The disability standard shifts and chances of approval increase. This is primarily because of Social Security’s “GRID” rules.  

What do Vets Qualify for with SSDI?

  • Up to $2,600/month in benefits for themselves
  • Monthly benefits for any children under 18 years of age
  • The option to utilize Medicare
  • Cost of Living Increases
  • Retroactive benefits (Average of $26,000 for our clients)


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