Answer: $50.00 Shoelaces

September 3, 2016


Most readers are probably asking just what is the question, so here it is: What goes with the $6,500.00 Nike trainers recently listed on a Walmart site dedicated to professional re-sellers? As of Saturday afternoon, the site is down, but if any want to check back:

Nike Red October Sneakers

Now that you’ve secured this extremely valuable pair of sneakers, you’ll need a backup pair of laces befitting your new shoes’ station in your closet. Look no farther than Muscle Shoals.

That’s right, the Colbert County town noted for its music, win at any cost football, and rumors of exclusive fast food chains is the home to Luxe Laces where signature products start at $29.99. The Luxe website lists a Lafayette Avenue address as home to this ambitious bit of so-called luxury.

Luxe Laces

If any readers out there decide to try a pair of Luxe Laces, send us your photos. We’ll do a follow up story and publish any and all snapshots of satisfied customers proudly wearing their Luxe Laces.

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