Adventures in Asian Shopping

February 9, 2018
by Staff Reports

The term “lost in translation” has become ubiquitous these days, and nowhere is it more descriptive than when shopping on Asian retail sites. Many product descriptions are downright humorous, but some are…well, insulting.

Looking for a cake server or another serving piece to enhance your fine dining experience at home? It would seem those who write the ads for these flatware pieces are intent upon calling them “shovels.” That’s right, now you can really shovel it away like you’ve always wanted to.

But insulting? A recent ad for slim style men’s pants indicated the purchaser should order a size larger if they wanted a looser fit, planned to wear anything underneath (underwear comes to mind), or had a fat body.

Yes, we can see thousands of American men asking their wives, “Hon, I’m planning to order pants from Hong Kong. Do I have a fat body?” No, actually we can’t imagine that at all…

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