A Timeline in Jessica Broadfoot Murder

July 11, 2013
by Firenze Veritas

The day after Jessica Bevis-Broadfoot’s death, Homajean Grisham III was charged with Felony Murder. Today those charges in the brutal stabbing death have been upgraded to Capital Murder. Grisham has given a brief confession to authorities, but it remains to be seen if he will claim self-defense or insanity or other plea that will necessitate a trial. His chance at 1.5 million dollar bail has now been revoked and he will not see freedom unless acquitted at the trial to be scheduled later.

Grisham, who celebrated his 35th birthday the day after his arrest, had recently returned to his rural Cherokee roots from California. Here is a brief timeline of events leading up to the crime.

May 8 – Arrested outside Atlanta for DUI

May 13 – With victim in motel room


June 27 – Posted on Facebook: I had one of my retarded exs texting me every five seconds last night.

June 29 – Found wearing bloody clothes in truck with knife, both also soaked in blood

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