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“Staying Wet: A Southern Tale Told One Sip at a Time” “is filled with colorful characters in vivid scenes of Southern life,” says Anne Kazel-Wilcox, author and travel journalist. “’Staying Wet’ is endearing, and whimsical at times, but peppered with appropriate dashes of heart and soul.”

There’s a toxic landfill in everyone’s mind where the unpleasant seeds of life are dumped and where relentless weeds mix with the flowers.

In this modern ode to the Gulf Coast, Caddy McCoy’s garden of life has become quite overgrown. Terrified of facing her demons, this strong woman who has suffered so much, finds herself waking to the sound of Bay water lapping against the pier outside her cottage. Hung over and confronted with poignant memories, with her life-long companion at her side, she rehashes the story of her life.

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