A meeting was held Sunday afternoon at the Florence Library. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the goals and objectives of having a strong politically active group that focuses on seeing the animal laws now on the books prosecuted and enforced by the judicial system.

This has not happened in the past as should have been done. City prosecutors, County District Attorneys and the State of Alabama Attorney General’s Office will be consulted as to what the group can do to help them do a better job of enforcing our Animal Neglect and Cruelty Laws. They will also understand what our group expects of them, if they are going to fill those judicial positions.

The Group is an Apolitical Group. Meaning they will support Democratic, Republican or Independents in their effort to get elected to a Local or State Position. They are going to vet each candidate in several different areas. Some of these subjects will have to do with how they intend to interact with their citizens at city council and County Commission monthly meetings.

They will be asked their opinions on how they look at certain existing laws regarding the animals in our state. New Laws will be listed as to what the group wants to see enacted for the betterment of our animals and the candidates will be asked to give their thoughts on those issues.

All of these responses will be shared with the members of the group and a vote taken on who they feel will be the best to help their agenda toward helping the animals. Once those candidate are chosen, the group will then become active in helping those selected candidates to campaign for the Political Office for which they’re running.

The Group will also form an educational Committee of members who will go to schools to teach how to care for pets and what constitutes neglect and cruelty.  Many other events involving animals and their owners will be created to bring together like minded people with their four legged children.

The newly formed League will be open to anyone in North Alabama who wants to join and become part of a group effort to give a voice to the voiceless in this state.

This includes Lauderdale, Colbert, Franklin, Limestone and Lawrence counties. We hope to branch out eventually and get other counties involved. The more counties the stronger we get.

If  interested in being part of a great needed cause, and  joining please let Chapel King at 256-648-0221 or email at chapelg@msn.com.                                             .

Carl Overton


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