There is a meeting to be held this coming Sunday, March 25th, at 2 PM in the Florence Library to form a Political Action Team for Animals. The Purpose is to look at the laws that need to be strengthened and new laws to  implement to protect our four legged and two legged friends. This newly formed group will be contacting city, county and state politicians and getting their support to pass these laws. They intend to help others form like groups in their respective counties. By doing this they can vet all of the politicians on animal rights. They will then select the politicians to support  during their elections.

This group will be comprised of Lauderdale, Colbert, Lawrence, and Franklin County residents. If you want to be involved in a project that is going to bring results and a better life to the animals of Alabama, you are encouraged and welcome to come join us. SEE YOU THERE..You can call me at 256-324-9347 if you need more information…

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