A Great Read: “Paying It Forward”

July 5, 2013
by Firenze Veritas

There are those who say life offers second chances. There are others who say it merely offers more opportunities. Still others would say everyone creates their own opportunities or take their own chances. But what had started as a joke between two old war horses turned into an idea that was open to serious consideration, tried, and then, actually came into fruition.

Paying it Forward written by Chuck Booth is a fictional novel that tells the story of Charles Logan, a highly decorated combat veteran and retired US Army Ranger who is blessed with unexpected good fortune. He established the Re-Ranger School, a facility predicated on the belief that technology must meet the needs of heroes and that heroes must not be relegated to the limitations of technology.

In Re-Ranger School, they have a class of fourteen candidates made up of men and women wounded from war. It will allow them to rediscover that they can do things the way they did the first time around. As they learn to use the equipment, these candidates will discover that they’re not handicapped as they thought. Each obstacle that will be presented to them would progressively become harder. But by the time they’re done, they’ll already have done it.

But Charlie also needed someone who he believes will be able to help and become beneficial in his program. Together with Brad, his son, he recruited Sabrina Murphy and Susan in a massage parlor and brought them to his facility. Sabrina was recruited because of her ability to deal with men and women who have been stripped off everything in life and in which insecurities become the last vestiges of their defenses. These people needed someone to lead them in a reassuring way that there’s nothing to be ashamed of and that they should instead be proud of the services they have done for their country. Will Sabrina be up for the challenge?

Paying it Forward is a powerful read that presents to readers the intricacies of life faced by those wounded and physically handicapped soldiers, both men and women who once served the country and how the marriage of the modern medicine and cutting edge technology will make them whole again, regain their self-conviction and overcome the most imposing obstacles life could offer—that of life itself.

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About the Author
Chuck Booth was born and raised in a small town in central New York. He joined the Army in 1967 and at the age of 18, in 1968, found himself in the middle of Tet, one of the major military offensives of the Vietnam war. He continued to serve until he retired in 1988. He settled down with his family near Fort Hood in central Texas and although he is no longer in the Army, he has been able to stay in touch with his military roots. Today, he is semi-retired, enjoying life with his grandchildren.

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