A Father’s Day Quiz

June 18, 2017
by Firenze Veritas

Like to take quizzes? Who doesn’t? Here’s a Father’s Day quiz that will tell you exactly what kind of father you had.

  1. As a child you saw your father

    A. Every other weekend

    B. Every night

  2. If your father was late coming home from work, your mother knew that

    A. He was with another woman

    B. There had been a wreck on the bridge

  3. By 8:00 p.m. at night, your father was

    A. Drunk

    B. Pulling out his hair as he tried to help you with your homework

  4. A bonding experience with your father consisted of

    A. Using a high powered rifle to hunt down and kill animals who had little chance of escaping

    B. Bottle feeding baby squirrels who had lost their mother

  5. After hearing a story about your father feeding a stray cat at work that a co-worker eventually threw into a phosphate furnace, a neighbor asks you why your father didn’t lie in wait to attack the evil doer. You reply

    A. He was a wuss

    B. He was a Christian

All “A” answers are worth 0 points. All “B” answers are worth 200 points. If you scored 1,000 points on the quiz, I’d say you had the perfect father.

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