600 Walgreen/Rite-Aid Stores to Close

October 26, 2017
by Staff Reports

Walgreen’s is the nation’s second largest pharmacy chain and has a ubiquitous presence in the Shoals. The company is currently run under the umbrella of Walgreen-Boots after a merger with the British company some time ago. Last year it announced plans to purchase Rite-Aid, the nation’s third largest pharmacy, but was initially met with opposition due to anti-trust laws.

Now that the merger has been completed, Walgreen’s has announced the closure of 600 stores, mainly Rite-Aid, but some Walgreen’s, which are in a one-mile proximity of another store in the chain. At that time, remaining Rite-Aid stores are to be rebranded under the Walgreen’s name.

It’s not believed any Shoals stores will be affected; however, an official list has not been made public. We will publish a list of Alabama closings when it becomes available.

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