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The proof is in the pudding. The six Republicans who took not so public donations from Soros the Puppet Master himself are are none other than…


John McCain                 Now you know why John McCain goes after President Trump every chance he gets.
Lindsay Graham        This Soro’s Lap Dog runs with the other Lap Dog McCain. Graham dislikes President Trump and did everything he could to prevent Donald                                                     Trump from getting the Presidency.
John Kasich                John Kasich the Democrat in a Republican suit. Refused to endorse Trump for President and tried his best to stop this nomination.
Marco Rubio              Little “Marco”  ran for the republican nomination. It makes me wonder what Soro’s expected in return for the donation.
Ron Johnson              Republican Senator from Wisconsin…
Paul Ryan                   The 54th Republican Speaker of the house. Now you know why he would not and did not support Donald Trump until he was forced to do so. He is                                         in charge of the new health care package. Now you know why it has trouble getting out of the gate…Do you think maybe it is being done by                                                      design.

                                       Now you know who holds the financial strings on these Swamp Lizards


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